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How It Works:

Choose from our Basic or Ultimate Wash Plan Packages. Once a month your credit card will be charged your package price and at that time your Club Account will automatically replenish back to 6 washes.

Basic Wash Plan

Includes 6 Basic Washes
Wash, Spot Free Rinse and Dryer.
Regular Price $8 each.

Ultimate Wash Plan

Includes 6 Ultimate Washes
Wash, Undercarriage, Triple Foam, Lustra Protectant, Spot Free Rinse and Dryer. Regular Price $13 each.

Wash & Wax Plan

Includes 6 Wash & Wax Washes
Wash, ProShield Wax, Spot Free Rinse & Dry
Regular Price $10 each

The Works Plan

Our Most Popular Wash Package
Regular Price $16 Each

Self Serve Wash Bay Plans

$29.99 a month for
$45.00 Wash Time

$15.00 a month for
$22.00 Wash Time


6 Washes Monthly

Multiple Vehicles Allowed

Use Our Club Card...
No Decal Needed

Works in Touch Free and Soft Touch Automatics

Wash Anytime...
Automatics Are Open 24/7/365

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501 N Bridge St.
Elkton, MD 21921